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Living in Florida many people think taking care of their car is easy and all you need to do is wash it once in a while or get a membership to the quick tunnel wash down the street. It's always nice out so what could be needed other than a wash? However, anywhere you live your car is going to get comtamination on it from the environment whether it be stuff that falls from trees, the air (such as pollen and iron fallout), the sun, chemicals, and hard water. A simple wash is not going to get rid of all these contaminates even if you wash often. If you do wash often or worse yet, take your vehicle through automatic tunnel washes with the "flappers", your paint finish is going to get riddled with minor to moderate scratches that will quickly dull the paint so it just doesn't have that POP it once had the day you bought it off the lot. A simple wax may slightly add some shine but it won't be enough for a significant difference. Our exterior detailing can thoroughly clean the paint of these contaminates, refresh the shine, and protect all rejuvenated surfaces. It's a HUGE misconception that your car will naturally look worse as it ages. This is completely not the case if you don't let it happen. Why would you want to your car to degrade to the point it makes you want to buy a new car. If you love your car you can keep it looking amazing for as long as you choose to own it.

The part that is probably more noticed when it gets dirty, is the interior. However, even when you start to notice your interior is dirty, it is likely already beyond dirty. A simple wipedown with an armor all wipe, vacuum, and window clean may make it LOOK cleaner but it's not going to make it FEEL clean. Especially not "new" clean. A wipedown doesn't get into those intricate areas that really make a difference. With our interior details we use compressed air, steam, brushes, and safe scrub pads to clean every surface fully and get in every crevice. We can't give you back the toxic new car smell but we can absolutely give you that new car look and feel.




If you like or love your car and are seriously looking for a "detail" then this is where you're going to get the greatest value. If you simply want a cheap detail, you might as well keep looking. We don't do them. This particular detail is extremely thorough and will take several hours. We are not only going to thoroughly clean all surfaces, but you will also get protection on most of them as well. Why get your car cleaned up then not protect it? You may think "I don't need all this." but if you want your car to look it's absolute best (no it doesn't need to be a show car) then you want this detail. A quick wash, wax, and wipedown isn't going to do the trick. If you have never had a detail like this done, or it has been years since the last one, then yes this is the detail for you.


$575 + tax

ceramic coated c8 corvette



The first thing someone sees when they look at your vehicle is the exterior. The exterior is also the most exposed to the outside elements. Just doing a quick wash is great for maintenance but unfortunately a quick wash isn't going to do much to maintain the exterior from the elements. At least not over the long term. It is important to have a thorough wash and protection added regularly. Occasionally, decontamination of the paint helps remove more stubburn contaminates from the paint that don't remove during a wash.

NOTE: Starting prices are for compact coupe size vehicles such as a MINI or Miata. Final prices can't be given until condition is seen in-person.

LEVEL 3 - Advanced Clean & Ceramic Protection

STARTING AT $300 + tax

This is best for those new to detailing (even for brand new cars), those that haven't had a detail in a while, or those looking for an advanced cleaning without stepping into paint correction services.

LEVEL 2 - Extra Clean

STARTING AT $175 + tax

This is the detail you're looking for if you are looking for a good thorough cleaning of your car but are on a budget. We recommend having this detail done once per year for vehicles that sit outside 24/7 or cars driven 12,000 miles or more per year. For garage kept vehicles you can likely get away with waiting a little longer.

LEVEL 1 - Standard Clean

STARTING AT $100 + tax

This is for well maintained vehicles that either need topping off of protection that has or is starting to wear off. If your car has never been detailed before (yes even "brand new" cars), this is not 99% of the time, not what you want.

NOTE: Even if a vehicle is "brand new", "new", "nearly new", or doesn't "look" contaminated, doesn't mean it isn't contaminated. While we understand everyone wanting to save money, unfortunately you would be wasting more money by doing less than is needed. It is extremely rare for a person to recieve a vehicle straight from the factory without being exposed to the elements.

audi q7 detailed



Wasn't it a great feeling to sit in your new car when you got it? Or sitting in a family or friends new car? There's just something exciting about it. You can FEEL the new-ness. Sadly, that feeling very quickly fades away. With our premium interior detailing packages you can get that feeling back or get it for the first time. These details are very thorough and are not quick "wipedowns".

NOTE: Starting prices are for 1 row coupe size interior. There is additional cost as interior size increases. Final prices are only given upon in-person inspection.

LEVEL 3 - Severe Deep Cleaning (In-person inspection required)

STARTING AT $350 + tax

This is for those vehicles that have a "situation" going on with all surfaces. If your vehicle is highly soiled, has pet fur, kid messes, food/drink messes, stains/spills, etc then this is the level you will need.

  • Vacuum & Blow-out of floor, seats, and trunk/cargo area.
  • Clean/Steam steering wheel, dash, and console.
  • Clean/Steam door panels and pockets
  • Clean/Steam vents, cup holders, glove box, console storage, and other storage areas.
  • Scrub/Steam/Extract carpet, cloth seating, seat belts, trunk.
  • Pet hair removal
  • Stain removal
  • Heavy headliner cleaning
  • Smoke odor

LEVEL 2 - Deep Cleaning (MOST REQUESTED)

STARTING AT $150 + tax

Meant for vehicles that have never been detailed (but not a disaster), have not been detailed in well over a year, family vehicles, customers that want that extra clean condition.

  • Vacuum & Blow-out of floor, seats, and trunk.
  • Clean steering wheel, dash, and console.
  • Clean door panels and pockets
  • Clean vents, cup holders, glove box, console storage, and other storage areas.
  • Clean leather and condition.
  • Upholstry Cleaning
  • Carpet & mat shampoo (1 set)

LEVEL 1 - Standard Cleaning

STARTING AT $80 + tax

An overall great cleaning for vehicles that are occasionally maintained (not rarely maintained) or don't see heavy use.

  • Vacuum & Blow-out of floor, seats, and trunk.
  • Clean steering wheel, dash, and console.
  • Clean door panels and pockets
  • Clean vents, cup holders, glove box, console storage, and other storage areas.
  • Clean leather and condition.
  • Rubber mat clean
audi rs3 interior detailed


Wax is meant to only protect the paint. Wax itself does not remove defects in your paint. If want to remove scratches or dullness, wax is not going to do anything to fix that. It will also not cover it up except for maybe the most minor scratching. Polish is a liquid with actual abrasives in it that is meant to remove scratches, marks, and oxidation from the paint (or other surfaces). However just like wax protects and doesn't remove defects, polish removes defects but does not protect. There are products that contain both though. These are referred to typically as "cleaner waxes" or "All-in-one's" (AIOs). They contain either chemicals or abrasives that can remove defects or oxidation and they also contain some type of protection so that you can polish and protect in one step or in multiple steps using one product. In conclusion, waxes and polishes do not mean the same thing.

Shampooing can mean different things to different people and different detailers. Unfortunately there is no standard definition of what it is. For us, "shampooing" is when we thoroughly clean fabric seating and/or carpeting. Typically both are done during the same service. This means we scrub and/or steam the material to clean it. Now there is also "extraction". This is where you use a special tool that injects water or wet steam into the material and then immediately removes it by suction. We do not automatically do this for all shampoo services. That is typically only needed when the condition is very bad and there are many severe stains where you need to clean deeper than the top level of material. We include this extraction in our level 3 interior details.

Neither clay nor wax will remove scratches. Wax is strictly only for protection. Clay is used only to remove above surface contamination from the paint (or glass) to make the surface smooth again. Also through the process of using clay, you can actually cause very minor scratches. So you definitely will not be removing any scratches with it.

If you are looking for a "good wax", please be very clear with us what you are trying to accomplish. Unfortunately having a good wax done is completely meaningless. What would be a "bad wax"? Even our lowest level wax/protection we offer is "good", otherwise we would not be using it. To us, if you are looking for a good wax that typically means you either think your paint doesn't shine anymore or you want long term protection. While we have the solution for both, they are completely different things.

That fog is actually out-gasing from the materials inside the car. Especially things like the plastic/hard surfaces that make up the dashboard area. This is also where that "new car smell" comes from. Unfortunately that means that new car smell is essentially a bit toxic. This "out gasing" rises and attaches to the windshield which appears as a fog. This is why the fog continues to come back over and over. Over time the "fogging" will likely slow down or appear to stop but it completely depends on those materials.