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Our detailing service came from a love of cars and particularly very clean cars. Have you ever noticed how you or someone you know felt when they got a new car? The car felt exciting and untouched, like it was all yours. Fast forward say 6 months or a year or two. Did you/they still feel the same way? A better question may be, did the car look the same way? The answer is most likely, no. When you come to us, this is exactly the feeling we want to give back. That feeling like you are stepping into a new, unsoiled car.

While many people get into detailing because they think it is easy and a quick way to make money, we got into it because we love to see the end result of a neglected car brought back to like-new condition. We also know that detailing is anything but easy, unless you cut lots of corners. We don't cut corners because eventually you'll notice where those short cuts were taken and we want to continuously earn your business. We are always looking for the most effective and safe products to use so no surfaces on your vehicle are harmed and also allow us to get your vehicle turned around quicker. We continuously think of new situations and make sure we have the tools and products needed to address those situations. While we of course need to provide for ourselves, we are passionate about what we do and we're constantly thinking about the next detail and how we can deliver an even better result, faster, no matter how good we already are.

In addition to being able to perform many different services for your car, we also are consious of what work is possible to be performed and what work is appropriate. While many detailers will always say 'yes' to a request, we first make sure you are informed on what impacts a service on your car might have. For example, clearcoat on a car has UV inhibitors within it and if you polish the car too much to chase perfection and don't stay on top of protecting the paint, the paint could very well 'fail' sooner than it was meant to. Going back to the point of what is 'appropriate', sometimes a customer may think they want their car to look 'perfect' after a detail such as paint correction but don't plan to maintain it often and it is a daily driver, any damage that was there will likely return. Detailing is time consuming and at times can get quite expensive. We want to make sure you don't spend your money needlessly on something that you may later regret going 'all the way' on.

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Matt started this business because of his love of all cars and the passion for wanting all cars to look new so their owners continue to feel attached and proud of their vehicles.

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