Detailing your car keeps it in the best condition possible. Washing your car occasionally, vaccuming the inside, and wiping armor-all on the hard surfaces is going to do very little to keep your car looking new. Unfortunately life happens and filth builds up quickly. A brand new car can look like a filty car in just a few months.
Sealant and wax are both forms of protection. Wax is typically considered "natural" whereas sealant is sythetic. Waxes are made from 3 main types of waxes, carnuba, beeswax, and montan. They tend to leave a better shine on the vehicle and do add protection. Sealant however is more durable than wax because it is sythetic. It does not wear off as quick. Sealants add a nice shine to the car as well, they just don't leave a shine as good as wax.
Using a clay bar on paint (or windows) removes micro dirt, pollution, tar, rail dust, and other micro particles that embed or stick themselves to the paint and do not wash of during the wash process. This causes the paint to lose some shine and also doesn't let wax (or other protection) to "bond" to the paint, making it less durable. This service is not (and typically should not) be performed each detail.
No. At some point it went around that claybars remove scratches which is completely not the case. No clay bar from any brand whether "soft" or "aggressive" is going to remove scratches. Clay bars in reality cause very tiny scratches. However, you still want to use them to clean the paint. The scratches are minor so they are easy to polish away.
When you think of a brand new car that has less than 10 miles on it you probably think "How could you possibly clean a new car? You just want my money." We get it - 98% of people would probably even agree. However, you have to think about the journey your car went on to get to where it was when you bought it. Yes it's "brand new" and only has a couple miles but where was your car made? In the city you live? Highly doubt that. When was it made? Yes the car is the same year as the year on the calendar but that doesn't mean it was made yesterday. For all you know the car could have been made 6 months ago. Do you think the car makers garage all the millions of cars they build? Unless your car is well over $200,000, then the answer is pretty much a big no. That car has been sitting outside from the day it was made to the day you buy it. It also had to be shipped to your dealer somehow. By ship, train, or driven car carrier. Finally, when you buy a car do you think there are not already defects in the paint? When cars that cost over $200,000 still have defects when they are new, you can certainly bet the $30,000 car you just got has them too (if not more). What we are getting at is that those cars come out of the factory unprotected and then travel to their destination. That means there will already be a lot of contaminates on the paint that even on the day you buy the car, are starting to embed themselves into the paint to because an issue in a few years. Dealerships also like to tell you "We'll get it all cleaned/shined/detailed up for you." Believe us when we tell you they don't spend much time on them. A typical new car detail would be a quick wash that may immediately introduce scratches (especially if they do a quick wash with a brush), clean the windows, do a vacuum, and put on a quick coat of cheap wax - which they typically do a bad job at removing and leave wax built up in cracks of the car and on black trim that stains it. They would never take the time to remove the contaminates and defects on the paint unless you are already paying for some special prep. We treat a new car just like any other car. We can point out all the areas we can improve on and point out any defects in the paint to see if you would like them removed. We also just won't clean things, we'll make sure everything on the car is protected! This is the key to getting detailing - the protection. We want to help you keep your brand new car looking just like it does for years and years.
You hear a lot of times on TV and the radio about dealerships to "bring your car in no matter the condition" or "don't bother washing your car, just bring it in". They claim they are going to give you "top dollar" for your car no matter what condition you bring it to them in. The thing is, if you bring it to them dirty and having not cleaned it in years, they are going to give you "top dollar" for a dirty unmaintained car. Now if you pull up in a freshly detailed car that looks like it just rolled off the lot, you are in a much better position to get a lot more money out of them. The same applies to selling it privately. While a detail itself will cost you money, even if you paid $200 for a detail, it could end up adding $1,500 to the value of your car, if not more. Worth it? We think so. Wouldn't you be more interested in buying a used car that looked almost flawless like the owner took great care of it over a car that was dirty inside and out, where you could see all the previous food and drink they had in the car and the only way they maintained it was putting gas in it? Now if you shop soley on cost you may not think this way and we probably wouldn't be a good fit for you as we like to add value to car by detailing them. Just like everything in life that you try to maintain, it takes money, time, or both. Let us help you add value.
If you are on a tight budget and you really like the results that come from going there then we say, go for it. Our level of detailing isn't for everyone. However, those places that detail your car in less than an hour are really giving you what you pay for - and that's a quick and dirty detail that usually makes your car look better than not cleaning it at all. Although it's ironic they call it detailing but skip all the details. Now while we'll admit there have to be better places than others, the truth is none of those places have the time to do a thorough job. At the low prices they offer, they need to crank out the cars or they would lose lots of money. This usually means a wash, dry, quick vac to get the large debris, clean the windows, quick wipe down of the dash and console, some tire shine, and maybe even some spray wax. That may sound like quite a bit of cleaning but in reality it's not that impressive nor will it keep your car in the best condition possible. For example, do you have nasty cup holders? You know, the ones with the change sitting in them with the sticky goo at the bottom? Or maybe the goo has hardened and now you need a chisel to get the change out? Well you can bet the low cost places wont even be touching those areas. That would add way too much time and cut into profits. You can also read their reviews which aren't the greatest. Long story short, if you want a 'detail' for the lowest price, go to your nearest car wash that offers the service. However, if you are shopping for detailing that is going to add/keep the most value to your vehicle, give us a try. We know you'll be more than thrilled with even our lowest detail package. We are here to improve your car's value. Considering a car is usually the second biggest investment in someones life (next to a home) why not help it keep as much value as you can. Check out our pictures and contact us. When you do, you'll understand the difference between budget detailing and real detailing.

Ceramic coatings are a great leap in advanced protection for your vehicle. Not only can you protect you paint but you can protect your rims, glass, leather, fabric, trim, and plastics. While you certainly can protect your vehicle with endless other less expensive options, coatings are those things but on steriods. They keep surfaces in great condition for years and also easier to maintain.

Coatings are not bulletproof like some people and companies try to make you believe. You are not able to hit your car with objects and not have it scratch. You can't set fire to your car or paint. You also can't expect to have a coating installed and then never have to care for the vehicle again.